About Us


A Couch Concert is a party. A party that happens to feature chamber music presented in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. You might be surprised how immediate and intimate this kind of music feels when you're just feet away from the musicians--and when you can relax on a couch with a drink in your hand while listening to it.


Couch Concerts is a community of chamber musicians, hosts, and simply people interested in attending fun musical house parties.



Maybe at your home! We are always looking for more hosts. Couch Concerts happen in the living rooms of members interested in throwing an awesome shindig.





Currently once a month, but we're hoping to increase our frequency soon. The next concerts will take place on January 10th and Februay 28th, 2015. Your best bet is to send us an e-mail so you can receive our monthly newsletters with all of the upcoming dates!


As musicians ourselves, we know that top-quality music requires top-quality musicians. But while we want to remain accessible and inviting to people of all ages and professional backgrounds, professional musicians can't afford to play for free. Although there is no cover charge for Couch Concerts, we urge our partygoers to donate generously to the musicians afterwards so that we can guarantee the quality of performances for future concerts. If you would like to experience a Couch Concert or would like to host one, we look forward to hearing from you!

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