Does going to a party that features awesome, intimate live music in an informal environment sound like a great time to you? 

How do I get involved?

Send us an e-mail at CouchConcertsConnect@gmail.com or                                                            to get on our mailing list and find out about future events.


What does it cost?

There is no cover charge for CouchConcerts. We ask that you bring some food to the Concert with you, to contribute to a fun, pot-luck atmosphere. And we also hope that you will give generously to the tip jar, which will go directly to the musicians and help to ensure the quality of our concerts.


What about alcohol?

Many of our Concerts feature a sommelier who will lead a wine-tasting in between sets of music for a modest fee (usually 5-10 euro), and then provide wine by the glass afterwards at a cash bar, also for a modest fee (usually 1-2 euro per ,1 pour).  You are always welcome to BYOB to a CouchConcert, and particularly encouraged to do so if there WON'T be a sommelier present.  


I want to go to a CouchConcert! How do I get invited?

Half of the guest list for a CouchConcert is opened up to the Community on a first-come-first-served RSVP basis.  We'll send information about concerts in our newsletter and you can RSVP by sending us an e-mail.  But since space is limited, please don't RSVP unless you're sure you can come and let us know if you have to cancel so we can give your spot to someone else!


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