• A few potential dates that could work for you (preferably at least a month from now)


  • How many people you feel could comfortably attend in your space



FAQ for Hosts

What if I don't have a piano?

That's okay! We have several musicians who don't need a piano to make chamber music.


How many musicians will there be?

We try to aim for no more than 1 musician per 10 guests (actual attendees, not invites), so it depends on the size of your space and how many people will be there.


Does it cost anything?

If you choose to host a CouchConcert, there is absolutely no charge to you. We also encourage our members to bring food, making it a potluck event and thus keeping you from having to provide food for an army all by yourself. CouchConcerts are usually BYOB, or if you're interested in wine, we can send a sommelier along. Either way, you shouldn't have to supply the booze.


A sommelier?

A wine professional! We have partnered with a few sommeliers in Cologne and if you want, they can come with the musicians and provide your guests with a wine-tasting experience and provide wine (and glasses) at a cash bar for a small fee.  This is totally a-la-carte and up to you.



How are the musicians paid?

We pass a hat or have a tip jar for the musicians so your guests can donate as they are able. A CouchConcert representative (often one of the musicians) will explain it to your guests so you don't have to.  If you choose to have a private party (only your guests; not open to the CouchConcert Community), we charge a fee to cover the musicians, but then you don't have to pass a hat among your own personal guests.


Who is invited?

Generally, we've found that about half of the people invited to a shindig are actually able to come and end up making it. Half of the guest list is yours, to invite whomever you like.  The other half is open to the CouchConcert Community (made up of musicians, other hosts, music-lovers and generally awesome people that you may have met at other CouchConcerts).  We use an RSVP system to make sure that if you only have room for 30 people, only 30 people come!  And using this case as an example, you would invite 30 of your friends (assuming 15 will probably come) and 15 spots on the guest list will be open first-come-first-serve to Community members.



Still have questions? Just ask us!  



Does the idea of hosting a Couch Concert interest you, but you're not quite sure what to do next? We can help!

We love supporting our hosts and will help you have the best experience possible. When you write us, just send us:

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